tom t. hall / i love

this is a perfect gloomy-day kind of song.  let’s just put this song on repeat and stay inside and draw and make chocolate chip cookies and build forts.  ok?

jonathan richman and the modern lovers / abominable snowman in the market

the free design / kites are fun

well, aren’t they? -jill

harry belafonte / jump in the line

the dixie cups / iko iko

tennessee ernie ford / sixteen tons

okay, okay - not the most uplifting message here.  but our toddler LOVES this song.   i think we played it 8 times this morning alone, and even inspired his first use of the word “song”.  note: it’s easily choreographed, even for the dance challenged. it’s all about the snaps… -jill

the beatles / little child

come dance with me! -jill

the kinks / afternoon tea

anyone game for a tea party?  -jill

the beach boys / barbara ann

"ba" was one of the first syllables cooper uttered, and naturally as a result we have been trying to teach him barbara ann ever since.  lately he’s been getting closer and closer to approximating the chorus… -jill

doris day / tacos, enchiladas & beans

it’s lunchtime!  -jill

hank williams / jambalaya (on the bayou)

we had a hank williams morning today—one of the best kinds of mornings to have. -scott

les paul & mary ford / mockingbird hill

like jill said for the lovin’ spoonful’s anthology, so goes for les paul and mary ford’s best of the capitol masters. the whole thing is super fun and innocent and cheery and wonderful.


the lovin’ spoonful / nashville cats

unlike harry nilsson, there’s no need for a kid-targeted compilation of lovin’ spoonful songs - their greatest hits album anthology is nearly 100% kid-friendly, and jam packed with great songs. more to come from them here…  - jill

the playmates /  beep beep (the little nash rambler)

i’ve yet to meet a kid who doesn’t think this song is awesome, even if you have to explain what a nash rambler is… this is another goofy greats classic. -jill

pee wee king & his golden west cowboys / slow poke

"why should I linger every time you snap your fingers?"